About Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle is an Irish visual artist. He graduated from Crawford College of Art (2017) and is currently based in Backwater Studios in Cork, Ireland. Queer identity and queer culture are at the core of Doyle’s practice often expressed through drawing, painting, and installation. In fact, he has portrayed only LGBTQI+ individuals within his work in an effort to establish a queer narrative within the visual arts.

Stephen Doyle’s work here is part of a tragically necessary resistance movement and I am proud to support and endorse his vision.

Stephen Fry, in response to Degree Show Exhibition Beyond Dialogue

Doyle was the recipient of the Student of the Year Award in his graduating year thanks to the Lavit Gallery. He is the recipient of two international art awards, The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize and The Sunny Art Prize. Furthermore, he is credited with having the first piece to openly discuss transgender identity on the walls of the National Gallery of Ireland after being shortlisted for the Zurich Portrait Prize. The Irish Times has selected Doyle as one of the ‘Top 50 People to Watch‘ in 2019.