Work in 2017

The work presented is a commentary on queer culture’s co-existence with heteronormality.

...Impressive...  ‐ Rory O’ Neill (aka. Dr.Panti Bliss-Cabrera) , 2017

The space is an interpretation of how the queer community is viewed, how one’s perspective can be tainted by society’s homophobic undertones. The viewer is forced to consider a sense of self within this environment. The portraits of the LGBTQ within the space are altered by being observed with the use of opposing mirrors. Those featured are Russian citizens who have each in some way experienced segregation and oppression because of their surrounding culture. This degradation has taken the form of physical violence, imprisonment, unemployment and abandonment from family and friends.

The presence of these queer identities in the work signals a defiance to the mainstream and an embrace of difference, uniqueness, and self-determination. A recognition of their existence.

Stephen Doyle’s work here is part of a tragically necessary resistance movement and I am proud to support and endorse his vision.  ‐ Stephen Fry, in response to Degree Show Exhibition Beyond Dialogue
2017 Thesis

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